A1 Innovation Days

Von 29. August bis 1. September finden die A1 Innovation Days statt, zu denen auch wir uns mit einer Idee qualifizieren konnten (Thunderbird plug-in for Unified Communications).

Program a plugin for Thunderbird to directly make a phone call to a contact. The idea is, just to e.g. right-click on a received email, and under the available options there is the possibility to “call contact”.

What is really new? What challenges does it address?

Less programs are needed for more functions and possibilities. Hardware (mobil phone, hard phone,..) and software (Email, Chat,..)merge together.

What is the benefit for the users? What advantage does the idea provide?

Easy start a phone call and/or start an instant messaging communication.

Does your idea make effective use of SIP and/or IMS? If yes, how?

Yes. Phone calls with SIP Software Client. e.g.

What is it that inspires you (personally or as a team) to come up with this idea? What fascinates you?

For every situation the right communication. All possible communication channels just one mouse click away. It doesnt matter if it is a SMS, an instant message, presence state, a phone call – or of course an email.

Zitat von der A1 Innovation Days Webseite:

A1 InnovationDays are an international developer challenge aiming to create, discuss and vote for cool services built on IP-based communication (SIP & IMS).

The jury nominated five ideas for the prototyping sprint at the monastery Und, Aug 29 – Sep 1. A1 invites these ideas to demonstrate their potentials and implement the suggested ideas into functional prototypes. The winning team will be awarded on Sept 1. The following ideas have been chosen:

1. Thunderbird plug-in for Unified Communications
2. SIP Website Widget
3. Spontaneuous live comment | A1 sports reporter
4. Automated Audio/Video Greeting Service
5. SIP extension for Disko framework

Auch die Idee 3. Spontaneuous live comment | A1 sports reporter ist mir nicht ganz unbekannt, da ein guter Bekannter dafür verantwortlich zeichnet.

Link: Presseaussendung
Link: A1 Innovation Days

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